Swimming Pool Net

Swimming Pool Net

Swimming pool nets are essential safety barriers that prevent children and pets from entering your swimming pool, protecting them from potential harm. They are easy-to-use and relatively low-cost security solutions with a proven track record to save the lives of children.

The Nets have had a perfect safety record for over 12 years for swimming pools maintained by All-Safe. They are built with ultra-strong polyethene mesh and are independently tested up to 485 lbs. Weight is sufficient for one child and two adults. Learn more about what makes All-Safe Net the best available safety net for pools, or fill in the above information to connect with a local expert for your free consultation and quote.

Create a safe pool

Safety should be the # 1 priority for pool owners. All-safe products are life-saving safety barriers including pool fencing, mesh cover and automatic cover. For many people, a large fence or cover is not ideal, which is why our high-quality safety nets cover pools, spas, and other water facilities. Easy to use and easy to buy and maintain, swimming pool nets are our second most popular product for pool safety.

It is difficult for anyone, especially young children, to walk or move in an all-safe pool net. If a child were to fall on top of the swimming pool, the opening would be too small for his head to fall completely. We make nets specifically for swimming pools to be lightweight and versatile so that they can be easily installed, used and maintained. In fact, it takes less than 15 minutes for most of our customers to turn it on or off.

Safe and strong

It is an independent strength and durability test to certify materials that they meet or exceed industry standards. ASTM testing and certification requires that a child and two adults weigh up to 485 pounds before the pool trap breaks. After installation, local experts will lay the swimming pool net on the sides of your pool and apply unbeatable tension with a central system or loop tool. With our system, no child will be able to change this tension easily or they can easily remove the net until they are taught to do so correctly.

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