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Nets ‘N’ Screens

Nets ‘n’ Screens has been providing Bird proofing, Bird netting, and Bird Spikes from last since 2008. Over the last three years, we have been a known name in Residential and Industrial circles. We are acknowledged for our proficient and expert services in all the products we deal with.
We have a dedicated team of Managers, technicians & supervisors with relevant experience to deliver & install services in Residences and Industries as well. Our commitment to our clients is to give them world-class products that are of the highest quality, economical, environmentally safe and harmless to birds.
Nets ‘n’ Screens is based in Mumbai and we provide fast and effective services for our products All over India. Our fast expanding clientele base is spread over most of the states in India and also our exports have started to the Middle East.


Nets N Screens – Ahmedabad Branch

Ahmedabad requires a solution for Bird Net, Bird Netting, Spikes and Bird Spikes.
Bird Net and Bird Netting solution are there to prevent your site or premise from pigeon, sparrow or any types of bird.
Pigeon net solution and pigeon net can be used in balcony, gallery, windows and kitchen area. Bird net is a long time solution.
Bird Net and Bird Spikes are different products. Bird Net is nylon product and Bird Spike is poly carbonate product. Bird Spike contains SS Spike. SS Spike is better than PVC spikes.
Bird Net for pigeon and bird net for sparrow having different mesh size. Pigeon Bird Net having 1.25*1.25 mesh size and Bird Net for sparrow having 0.75*0.75.

Ahmedabad is the city of hub for bird net as they are having sky scrapers building and tower. Bird net solution requires at most of the high rise building. Industrial Bird Netting can be useful to prevent site from pigeon and other birds. Sheds, factories and other offices can be prevented by using our bird net. We have already installed bird net at many places in Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Pune.

Bird Net or pigeon net in Ahmedabad is there for both residential and industrial purpose. Nets N Screens, a leading Bird Net solution provider for Industrial and residential, has having their branches at Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad.So let’s give us a call and we are there to give you a long time solution and 100% satisfaction for Bird Net, Pigeon Net, Bird Spikes and Bird Proofing.