Commercial Bird Netting Services Gwalior

Commercial Bird Netting

Nets ‘n’ Screens provides Commercial Bird Netting which is easy to install and are of high quality, aesthetic looking and durable different types of bird nets services in a timely manner at economical and reasonable prices for our highly esteemed customers.

For Commercial Bird Netting Nets ‘n’ Screens anti-bird netting is one of the most popular and safest forms of bird’s pest control as it is an ecologically friendly way of bird barring keeping birds out of Commercial areas like shops, manufacturing units wholesale shops and other commercial premises.

In Commercial Bird Netting nets or meshes generally used to prevent birds from entering, prevent bird droppings, making nests in different locations in premises.

Nets stop the entry of birds breeding in commercial places preventing fouling and nesting debris keeping premises hygienic and clean which prevents diseases related to the birds.

Nets ‘n’ Screens provides a long-lasting solution to safeguard your finished goods from different types of birds.

Activities like this cause by the birds create difficult working conditions and annoyance which is a major concern in Commercial premises.

As we at Nets ‘n’ Screens take utmost care in bird net installation birds like pigeon, sparrow, crows, mynas, etc. are not harmed in any manner by our netting practices. We make sure that these menace causing birds do not land into the Commercial premises causing a menace.

Nets Features

  • Nearly invisible when installed.
  • UV stabilized from Sunlight exposure thus improving its shelf life.
  • Corrosion proof and chemically inert.
  • It can be customizable for different arrangements and sizes.
  • There are no adverse environmental effects because of the installations of netting.
  • The nets we used are very durable having High compressive strength with a fine finish.
  • Although the nets material is aptly flexible in quality it is able to tolerate high pressure in adverse weather conditions also.
  • It increases Aesthetic Visual of the residential building maintaining its natural well-painted look.

Installation of Commercial Bird Netting

  • Prior inspection of sites is done by our expert staff, understanding the scope of the solution and proposing solutions that are both practical and economical to commercial customers.
  • As ventilation is a major concern around netting the premises, we used thin and transparent nets to provide abundant air and sunlight.
  • We use Screw pins for intermediate fixings, to fix the net to wire rope we use hogging staples and net bolts for corner fixings.
  • In Commercial Bird Netting Nets ‘n’ Screens offers customized as per the buyer’s requirement with well-qualified staff to install these nets in a well-timely manner at competitive and exciting prices for our highly esteemed customers.
  • Near-zero maintenance.
  • At Nets ‘n’ Screens we implement the installation process by the latest equipment carried out by our highly skilled and experienced professionals.
  • Nets ‘n’ Screens provides easy installation of high quality and durable different types of Bird nets or anti-bird nets products such as Bird Protection Nets, HPDE Nets, and Nylon nets, Pigeon Control Nets, Polyester Nets, Pigeon Nets, Nylon Transparent, Bird Nets, and Kabutar Jali.


Nets ‘n’ Screens provides 3 years warranty (conditions apply) and after-sales services including maintenance and repair of nets in a time-bound manner at an affordable cost.

Other Services

Nets ‘n’ Screens also offers net replacement services of your Commercial premises at affordable rates according to your site’s conditions and requirements.

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