Ceiling Hangers for Cloth Drying

Ceiling hangers for cloth drying

The Nets N Screen Is Proud Presents To You An Innovative Basic Utility Product
To Dry Your Wet Clothes In Your Dream Home. The Hangerwala Offers You An
Eco-friendly & The Best Quality Ceiling / Roof Hangers Available In The Market

Our cloth drying rack is mounted to the ceiling and roof, allowing you to hang your clothing in a variety of areas such as the utility room, balcony, verandah, bathroom, or terrace. Dry your clothes with a pulley-based roof hanger that is simple to use, high-quality, reliable, and elegant. The indoor hangers contain lines of individually adjustable drying stainless steel rods.
The stainless steel rods are rust-proof and can be utilized in a variety of applications. The clothes dry faster by utilizing the warm air retained in the ceiling area as a result of the high temperature, and by allowing more ventilation and sunlight into your apartment and house. This gives it a wonderful aesthetic while also providing a versatile and long-lasting alternative to typical dryer hangers.

It’s also great for homeowners of Banglowand, Flats, House, or dry cleaners companies that need an inside clothesline but doesn’t have a lot of room. The Hanger for cloth drying is simple to maintain and operate.


  1. High-Quality Stainless Steel Pipes (Rust Proof)
  2. High-Quality ABS Plastic And S.S. Metal Used
  3. It Clears The Floor Space
  4. Space Saving Practical Solution
  5. Free Flow Of Air Circulation In Your Dream Home
  6. It Creates Full Ventilation In Your Dream Home
  7. It Is A Single Pulley System
  8. Supreme Elegant Design
  9. No Maintenance
  10. It Creates More Beauty To Your Dream Home