Bird Netting and Bird Spikes

Balcony Netting FAQ

We have a Bird problem at our Home/ office/ Factory how to go about ?
Call Nets n Screens now, we will provide a visit to the site for inspection, understanding the problem and suggesting solutions which are tailor made.

How are the installations made?
Bird net Installation is a highly skilled job executed by professional technicians. Nets n Screens have the latest technologies as well as fully trained professional staff for installations.

Do you provide these services All over India?
Yes we provide Bird netting and Bird spikes installations and services ALL OVER INDIA.

Is Bird netting and Bird spikes a permanent solution for Industries/ Residences/ Societies?
Bird netting and Bird spikes are a permanent, economical and most effective method for birds / pigeon prevention. 

Will it make our living/ working space seem closed?
No!! Our special nets are translucent and hence are nearly invisible, thus not blocking the air or view. There is 100% passage of light and fresh air.

Does it harm Birds in any way?
The birds are not harmed in any way as these nets only prevent them from perching near the windows and coming inside and do not trap or hurt them. We at Nets n Screens believe in “ Live and let live “ philosophy.

Is it economical? And what is the Warranty provided?
Yes it is very economical, will provide a permanent solution to your problems. We at Nets n Screens are confident about quality of our products and provide 3 years Warranty.